2016 wtf happened!

2016 wtf happened?!

2016, you was so overwhelming. So many dates to add into the diary, I felt like this year was going to be my year. Everyone has that year where they just find themselves, right?

It was January. Anyone who knows us Turners, know how much we like a party. It was my dads 50th and obviously we wasn’t going to let this pass without an absolute blowoutttt! Surprise it was.

Next up was planning time for my 18th, I didn’t tell anyone at all apart from my mum that I had my driving test booked for the day before my 18th birthday! I don’t think I liked the thought of failing and having to tell everyone, so I kept it a secret! Off I went, 21st April, absolute bag of nerves! I only went and passed it

I feel like at this point, I couldn’t of wished for a better friendship group. There was no doubt that all I wanted to do for my birthday was be with these. But what a birthday it was to remember! I was getting so much more confident in myself. Quite honestly, I loved myself. I was so happy. It was coming towards the end of the year for sixth form now. I remember the amount of conversations me and Liv had about how much we couldn’t wait to to leave to just start our life again. We must of been about £40 in debt (to our mum probs lol) at the most and I think we thought it was the biggest deal. We wanted to save. We wanted a new wardrobe. We wanted to go on holidays, I suppose we wanted to explore life. Still in love as I ever was before, it was time to start thinking about where I was going next.

Next was that “important” point in the school year. Discussions with teachers about where I would go from here. I suppose it was only the norm to go to university, but I knew I didn’t want to do that. With not much conversation with my mum about what I would really do, I knew deep down she wanted me to have a degree. My sister had a teaching degree and my brother was on his way for an accounting degree. So obvs she wanted to be just as proud as me? I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to go to university. The thought of moving away from home was too much. It wasn’t for me, I didn’t even try but i knew I didn’t want to go in a class with people I had never met before. What was I going to do I scrolled and scrolled to see what my options were as I had my heart set on being a florist with babs. I finally found a floristry course at Myerscough college, which was a degree but all online! That meant by the time I had finished in 4 years I would have a floristry degree! Wow! This seemed so perfect.

It was our mentor meeting. I will never forget the words my mentor asked. “Your going to work with your boyfriends mum? What you gna do if you split up?” This broke me at the time, I was so adamant things were that perfect they would never change I didn’t even need to think about that! I felt like he was implying it just wasn’t a proper job/career. Off I went and cried my heart out to the head of sixth form who I loved so much. Within a minute she told me it was a perfect opportunity for me and if that’s what I wanted then to absolutely go for it! I soon got over it, but you know when you’ll just never forget something?

Exams.... I think we smashed our exams to say how little revising we did! (Actually I can openly admit I didn’t ever revise once). Academic work was not for me! Anyway, I suppose the only thing that got me through my exams was the fact me and Liv were both booked to go to Marbella on my sisters hen party the day after we finished our last exam. It was our first girls holiday (without family) and we literally couldn’t wait! I feel like at this point I was going through that young mentality stage? All I wanted was a good time.

It was prom time we had a ball! Again with my favourite people, I couldn’t of asked for a better memory. The time came, it was the 24th June and school was out FOREVER. I had everything set in stone and I was ready to go full time as a florist over the summer before I started university!

It was the day we went to Marbella, I had got a phone number of a friend of a friend of my boyfriend (at the time)... blah blah blah something that I still at! It was my first time away from my boyfriend in about 3 years and god did I feel the freedom. Me and Liv had the time of our lives. We lived it like we should of done. It was home time after 4 days But something changed. Something I never thought would change did. I came home, I obviously thought the grass was greener on the other side and I decided to end it with my boyfriend. Something I had only cried about not happening 2 months before. I suppose I had seen what I could of had without a boyfriend and it made it easier someone else being there to text. It was the hardest breakup I could ever ever imagine. It was awful. Something that I won’t openly talk about until the situation is fully over! But yeah. I felt like the worst human being in the land, I threw away someone that loved me soooooo much. I didn’t have time to think about what I would do, I had work the day after. The first day of my fully time job with my boyfriends mum who I had just broke up with. I wasn’t really bothered at the time to be honest, I knew how much she loved me and how much the family felt like my own. She absolutely adored me. It didn’t make one bit of difference to work side of things. Days went on and it was showing that I 100% didn’t want to go back to the relationship. I couldn’t wait for new things to happen in my life! Weeks and a couple of months went on... partying at every opportunity still, only with Liv we thought we were sickkkkk!

I had my first actual day booked off in the holiday diary. 13th August it was. It was my sisters wedding day. The best day of my life so far. It was like a day for a fairytale princess full of flowers made by me, babs and the millers team. I won’t go on about the relationship, but with time it started to ease. I was getting into floristry like I never had before. I wanted to do more, I wanted to see more! Me and babs was a right little team. We used to hype each other up, cuddle when we was sad and just genuinely was still like a proper mum n daughter team. She loved me like her own. We attempted my uni course online together, even though it was online it still wasn’t for me. There was no hands on. I lied to my mum for months telling her I was onto it, really I gave in the second week!

The year was closing in. Nothing like how I thought it would be but still so grateful for everything I had.