A throwback to 2014

April 1, 2020

Hi! I’m Millie Turner. Age 21. From Manchester. Business owner of Amelia Rose Floral Couture. Originally just a girl who decided to go for it. 5+ years creating floral magic. Working with fresh and artificial. Offering delivery or collection.

Yup, that’s me and my passion! Just the basics in 7 sentences. But I’m meant to be writing a blog, so maybe I’ll think a little harder about what to write. Where to even start? What to even talk about? Topic? Who knows? I’ll try and make it flow…

English. Please don’t judge my writing skills. I’ve never been good at English, it wasn’t really a lesson I was into at school. Give me maths I loved the challenge, but English wasn’t for me. I won’t say too much of the school word. Maybe I will write about my life at school one day, but until then I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m starting off with school as this is where it all began. This is my story.

I’ve always been a creative little soul. One who likes to be her own rather than follow the crowd. I think that comes from my dad, he’s always taught me to be different. One thing I fondly remember since being a young age was my weird collections. I was obsessed. If I had something in one colour, I would need the other 10 colours to add to the collection. Something else I probably picked up from my dad why the f*** have I just told you that? Basically, I’ve always had an eye for colour, an eye for attention to detail, an eye for perfection I always knew I wanted to do something creative when I grew up.

Creative? What jobs can you even get in the creative industry? I remember searching with my best friend on google. How funny that at the time, I remember thinking an artist was probably the only one option. When I say artist, I mean like an artist who paints and draws. Although art was one of my chosen subjects at school, my skill just wasn’t good enough.

It was 2014. Year 11. this was the year we had to plan our career pathway. It was GCSE year, I had chosen business studies, art and ICT. But what was I going to do next? We was leaving school soon, we had to make serious life choices. Although, I didn’t take it too serious. It wasn’t that hard for me. I think it was the norm to carry straight on into sixth form college. I only liked 2 subjects anyway so these were always going to be my only options. I didn’t quite have a backup plan for leaving school I just went with the flow.

It was also 2014 when what they call young love happened. I basically fell in love, it was true love at the time, kind off another topic that has to be ignored, until maybe another day when I have nothing else to talk about!

He asked me out, I said yeah. I don’t think I had been to his house yet, but I kind of knew a-bit about his family through friends of friends… anyway some how I knew his mum owned a flower shop and that he lived on a farm. Weeks went on and he took me to meet his mum, Barbara aka Babs. I was really shy at first. I would run to his bedroom and not come out until it was time to go home but you know when you just instantly love someone? This was me. I was like a mini version of her! She made me feel welcome. I felt loved I suppose.

A business woman of 40 years at Millers Floral Design. I remember I used to tell everyone, his mum has her own shop! Millers was known to everyone, she was like the celebrity florist of Oldham! I had only just met her and she inspired me so much. She was the hardest working woman I had ever come across. I would hear her up at 5am. She would set off to market, and she wouldn’t get home until past 6 o clock every day. 6 days a week. Although this doesn’t seem unusual now, this was true dedication to me as a young girl. She was a real girl boss. She loved what she did.

At the time, Babs other son was with Kirst. Now owner of Harpers Floral Artistry. Kirsty was completing a floral art degree at myers cough college. She too caught the floral magic vibe. I knew Kirsty because she was one of my sisters best friends. Small world right? We too had that instant connection, we would sit for hours day and night, talking about the future, laughing, dancing and drinking! It all seemed a dream back then. I was only 16. I loved this because she also loved me, she always got me involved. She took me under her wing, i was like the little sister she never had.

I remember the first time I ever did hands on floristry. Funny thinking back to the start now. Kirst had me mossing letters for a wedding she had on at the weekend, I remember absolutely loving it. She told me I was a florist in the making! I didn’t think this was like work, I loved the vibe.

I remember this one weekend, walking around the farm… she said to me, imagine if you end up working for babs aswell! Babs laughed at the time. We joked about how much she would love us both with her. It seemed surreal back then. Surely I wasn’t going to be a florist?