2015 was a dream

April 2, 2020

It was my first year of sixth form. I loved sixth form. It was literally the 2 best years of my life. My best friend was Liv. Me and Liv was best friends since year 7. She was there for me through everything, when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. We was like sisters at the time, we literally did not do a thing without each other. Chosen subjects? Family meal? Holiday? Boyfriends house? You name it, it would only be done if we could do it together! So there we was, from year 7 to year 11 still sat next to each other in all our classes.

I was a very anxious child. Something I won’t talk about but also something I’ve struggled with all my life. It was time for a week on work experience just before we finished for summer. Somewhere through these months, I decided I wanted to be an events planner. When I say events planner I think what I really meant was an events organiser who would design all the pretty things of the party- tbh just like what my sister does now @walterandtheboy! I remember getting really nervous over this. I literally had to go somewhere without Liv. I didn’t want to go somewhere new, with people I had never met before. So yep, I ran back to my dad again...he’s one of them who literally knows everyone. Of course he knew someone who worked in events! It always eased me a little if I knew off someone.

It was the week of work experience. Off to hotel football I went. I cried all the way from my house to the hotel doors. Even at the doors I made my Dad come in with me. Why was I like this? I loved the actual work and the staff couldn’t of been any nicer but my nerves were everywhere. There were too many people and too many different environments. But ah well, we live and we learn. This made my decision that maybe this career just wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong- I love people, but not too many of them at once.

Whoop school was out for summer! I literally didn’t have a care in the world now. I was so content with life. We camped on fields, got served alcohol under age, had sleepovers on the farm, and there would always be a group of about 20 of us. Everyone loved everyone. I had practically moved into “the farm” now, and I literally felt like I had everything I could ever need. The farm life was for me. This is where we would all meet up most days! Obvs dragging Liv with me!

It was the year social media became a big hit. Businesses did survive without it right? I don’t think it was a trend for businesses just yet but with a love for organising, designing and just anything pretty I always liked to set my mind on something. I found myself getting closer to my boyfriends family, I was falling more and more in love. Business was my favourite subject and I seen this as an opportunity.

I asked Babs if I could post on her instagram. That afternoon I found every single picture I loved from Millers Floral Design Facebook and uploaded them to Instagram. I think they already had an Instagram page, but I deleted everything from it and started from the beginning! I remember the satisfaction of uploading each photo in colour order. I wanted to help build their social media platform.

I couldn’t wait for her to get home from work so I could show her what I had done. I felt like that afternoon went on forever. I was so proud! And she loved it too… I think this give me a boost of confidence to want to get more involved!

As weeks went on, I took more and more interest in what actually went on in the life as a florist I really wanted to help. I took the courage and asked her if I could have a Saturday job, of course my mum was getting sick off me asking for money by this point and I needed money from somewhere to buy my drinks for the weekend I can’t really remember her response! But she must of said yeah… Saturday girl I was!

I loved it. Thinking back it was actually the best. It wasn’t like what you imagine work as Saturday morning (occasionally) if I hadn’t been out the night before we would get up at 5.30 and set off to market. We had to be back for 8.30 but she would always treat me to a McDonald’s breakfast on our way home. I would put the front of the shop out (anyone who knows millers will know this is HARD WORK ), sweep and mop the floors and make Babs her mellow birds coffee, I knew just how she liked it.

I was worried I wouldn’t remember all the flower names. It seemed so overwhelming at the time. It seemed like there was about 100 different names for one type of flower and every flower to me looked the same!

I instantly fell in love with the beauty of flowers. I remember at the time they was becoming more and more of a trend. I don’t really remember where I progressed as a Saturday girl- but my love for flowers was shown through how dedicated and motivated I was. Not that I really had an option living with my boss, but I don’t remember once calling in sick. I think babs started to have faith in me. I was watching and learning. I was eager.

In fact, I had one weekend off. It was Parklife weekend. I think this must of been planned before I got the job though so I asked babs to make me 2 floral head pieces I told you I like to be different! Off I went to parklife, WITH MY DAD, and the chunkiest floral crown you had ever seen. It didn’t last long in my hair, I think it got passed around the whole of one tent, it definitely got some attention I didn’t get it back it’s a good job she had my second piece ready for Sunday!

I was in a good routine, sixth form was a laugh, my Saturday job was the best, I was in love, and I had the funniest group of friends. What more could you want as a 17 year old?